About Shipping:

Q: How much do i need to pay for shipping?

A: We offer 100% FREE shipping on all US orders (no minimum order value required). No surprises at checkout! 


Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Your order will arrive with in 2-3 Days after order processing, order processing time is about 24 hours. (Delivery time may vary due to geographical locations)


Q: What if my order doesn't arrive on time?

A: We request you to please wait patiently and you can contact us at to get more information about your shipment, we will get back to you immediately.


About Toothbrushes:

Q: Are they rated as to soft, medium, or hard or firm bristles like regular drugstore toothbrushes are marked as to how firm the bristles are?

A: Hi, These are Soft bristles which are perfect for sensitive gums and cleaning teeth. Even though they are soft they do not collapse on your teeth like other toothbrushes.


Q: Where are these made?

A: These are made in China from Moso Bamboo, as China is the largest and best supplier of Moso bamboo , which is panda friendly.


Q: Are the nylon bristles biodegradable?

The bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable and compostable, however the bristles are “Nylon Grade 6” classified as “Easily recycle able” compared to other plastic toothbrushes, you can contact your local recycling centre and they will get the job done, this is best option available today till the day we discover 100% biodegradable bristle material.


Q: What type of wax are these coated with?

A: The bamboo handle is coated with natural wax which provides it the feature of water resistance.


Q: Are they individually packaged?

A: Yes, these are individually packed with their individual compostable boxes. so you can gift them to your loved ones.


Q: How should I dispose of these after use?

A: After use pull out the bristles with the help of plier and handover those bristles to your local recycling facility. And for the bamboo handle you can easily upcycle or recycle them as they are 100% natural bamboo. We have given some interesting upcycling ideas on our website. For example: Garden labeler , camp fire wood etc.


Q: What kind of wax is on the bamboo and why?

A: We use 100% natural beeswax on them to become water resistant and which allows them to be mold resistant too. 


For any other query feel free to contact us on and we will get back to you immediately. Thank you for making eco-conscious decisions in life.